【Hokkori Nihongo Online Cafe】 Oct 17th (Sat) 11:00am 〜 あたなが一番(いちばん)怖(こわ)いこと〜

こんにちは! 今週(こんしゅう)の『ほっこりにほんごカフェ』について、ご案内(あんない)します。Konnichiwa! We share what we will do at this week’s Hokkori Nihogo Cafe.

What is Hokkori Nihongo Cafe? ほっこりにほんごカフェの概要(がいよう)

開催日/ Date:10月17日(SAT)

◆ 11:00〜 ほっこりにほんごカフェ


This is an opportunity to share your feeling and ideas regarding a topic with everyone in Japanese.We will have a topic each time and will talk about it during the cafe time. * We are focus on speaking practice and we are not providing a less

  • 日本時間 / Time: Japanese time 11:00 am (40分 / 40min)
  • 参加費 / Fees: 無料 / Free
  • アプリケーション/ application: Zoom ( Free application)
トピック / Topic

What is your greatest fear?and Why?

参加方法(さんかほうほう) / How to join


Zoom の MeetingID と パスワード をご案内(あんない)いたします。

If you will join us at first time, send us an application google form from the orange button below.

We will send you back with Zoom ID and Password afterwords.

ご留意点(りゅういてん)/ Note



Since our cafe is only 40min, we admit participants to join the session by 11:05am.
Thank you for your cooperation!

We are looking forward to seeing you!