Global Talk – 11/30(Mon)Monthly Discussion 『Zero Hunger』終了しました

What is Global Talk – Monthly Discussion?

We will host a discussion about various modern-day issues around the world once per month. Every discussion will dive deep into the given topic. The purpose of our meetings is not to change the world over night, but to take things One Step at a time.

Our goal is to make more people aware of the harsh realities of the world because we believe that is important. The topics may be a bit heavy from time to time, but we encourage anyone and everyone to join us in our adventure around the globe!

世界中で起こっている様々な社会問題をテーマに、Discussionをします。日頃意識していない日本の現状や、世界で起きている様々な問題や事実を知り、考えるきっかけとなることがこの活動の目的です。Monthly Discussionを通して、参加者の皆さんと一緒に学びを深めていきたいと思っています。テーマは、深いですが、気軽な気持ちでご参加いただけたら嬉しいです。


Topic for this month

This month, we will talk about 『Zero Hunger!』, the 2nd goal of 17 of the SDGs. Many think that “Hunger” refers to the lack of food, but this is not entirely true. “Hunger” can also include the imbalance of supply and demand as well. Food waste is a prime example of this imbalance.

The goal of the second SDGs is to secure and maintain a healthy food supply, improve the nourishment status, and to promote the use of sustainable agricultural methods for all. For this month’s Global Talk, we would like to discuss how other groups, companies, and organizations are tackling this issue and what we can do to help on an individual level.

今月は、SDGsの目標2の 飢餓をなくそうについてです。飢餓というと、食料が足りていない。。というイメージがくると思いますが、需要と供給のバランスが大きな問題にもなっています。 食品ロスの問題もその一つです。目標2のゴールのポイントは、食料の安定確保、栄養状態の改善、持続可能な農業を推進です。そのゴールに向かって具体的にどんな取り組みがあるのかを深掘りしていきたいと思います。

Goal 2: Zero Hunger (The United Nations)
1_Why-It-Matters-2020.pdf(参照:UNITED NATION)

Time Schedule

19:50 - 20:00
Room opens at 19:50
20:00 - 20:10
Greeting & Self introduction
20:10 - 20:20
Topic introduction
20:20 - 20:50
Discussion in a small group
20:50 - 21:10
Sharing Time
21:10 - 21:15
Summary & Closing

About the event

  • Date:November 30th, Monday
  • Hours:JST20:00pm-21:15pm (75 mins)
  • Participants:15 people
  • Joining fee:
    For Adult:800yen
    For Student:Free
    ※Over 18years old who is belong to a university or a collage.
    ※We are offering the free joining fee for college students taking into account the COVID-19 situation.

*The joining fee is used for our future activities.

To join

Deadline for joining is November 28th (SAT).