Global Talk

Global Talkについて

Global Talkは、国際交流、国際協力、多文化理解、多文化共生などの様々なトピックについて、ディスカッションを通して意見を交換したり、セミナーを通して知識を深めたりする啓発活動です。

Global Talkは、英会話の練習が目的ではありません。ディスカッションを通して、トピックについて学ぶこと、またそれに対して各自が自分なりの行動に移していけることが目的となります。


What is Global Talk?

Global Talk is an awareness campaign for various kinds of topics related to languages such as the International exchange, multicultural coexistence, and International Cooperation either through holding discussions among participants from all over the world or hosting seminars to enhance cross-cultural skills and deepen knowledge.

We are planning to conduct meetings once a month. The purpose of these meetings is to learn and grow together as a community, no matter how small the step forward. English language improvement is not the main purpose.Language proficiency requirements may vary depending of on the difficulty of the topic.

Global Talk Report

【活動報告】2/17 Global Talk – SDGs Goal3 Good Health & Well -Being –