Global Talk – 2/17(Wed)Monthly Discussion『SDGs Goal3 / Good Health and Well-being』 / 21:00 START

What is Global Talk – Monthly Discussion?

We will be hosting a discussion about various modern-day issues around the world once per month. Every discussion will dive deep into the given topic. The purpose of our meetings is not to change the world over night, but to take things One Step at a time.

Our goal is to make more people aware of the harsh realities of the world because we believe that is an important first step. The topics may be a bit heavy from time to time, but we encourage anyone and everyone to join us in our adventures around the globe!

And for those who believe that the discussion may be a little above your level, please come and sit in anyway! We believe it’s important to try new things and challenge yourself.

世界中で起こっている様々な社会問題をテーマに、Discussionをします。日頃意識していない日本の現状や、世界で起きている様々な問題や事実を知り、考えるきっかとなることがこの活動の目的です。Monthly Discussionを通して、参加者の皆さんと一緒に学びを深めていきたいと思っています。テーマは、深いですが、気軽な気持ちでご参加いただけたら嬉しいです。


Topic for this month

This month, we will be talking about SDGs 3: Good Health and Well-Being. For us living in Japan, we are lucky enough to have a reliable healthcare system supported by taxpayer money where everyone can receive the same fundamental healthcare treatment. Unfortunately, there are other, less fortunate places around the world.

Let us also not forget that “Health” encompasses both physical AND mental health as well. So, with that in mind, what can we do in our daily lives to maintain a healthy mind and body?

今月は、SDGsの目標3: 全ての人に健康と福祉を.. についてです。私たちがすむ日本では国民健康保険制度が充実しており、税金によって全員が基本的な医療を平等に受けれられていますが、世界では、妊婦さんの健康が守られなかったり、子供の5歳までの生存率が低い国があり、とても問題となっています。また、健康には心理的健康も含まれています。心と体の健康を維持するためには、私たちの日常生活でどのようなことができるでしょうか?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). (Goal 3)
3_Why-It-Matters-2020.pdf (参照:UNITED NATION)

Time Schedule

20:50 - 21:00
Room opens at 20:50
21:00 - 21:10
Greeting & Self introduction
21:10 - 21:20
Topic introduction
21:20 - 21:50
Discussion in a small group
21:50 - 22:10
Sharing Time
22:10 - 22:15
Summary & Closing

About the event

  • Date:February 17th, Wednesday
  • Hours:JST21:00pm-22:15pm (75 mins)
  • Participants:15 people
  • Joining fee:800yen
    (One Step Memberships of English & Nihongo are free to join.)

To join

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